Why Craft Cannabis Growers Make the Best Concentrates

Why Craft Cannabis Growers Make the Best Concentrates

Cannabis has been through a lot, but thankfully, the day of full legalization in Canada is not far. Back in the day, high-quality cannabis strains and buds remained a secret only for the connoisseur. Nowadays, as marijuana inevitably becomes a staple commodity, it is now possible for everyone to enjoy premium products, made with the utmost care.

Legalization could turn marijuana into a billion dollar industry that is only expected to rise. However, for some people cannabis isn’t merely a way to “get high”, but an exquisite lifestyle choice, like a fine cigar. Craft cannabis concentrates are made for people who enjoy the experience and savour the taste of high quality resin. But what’s so special about craft cannabis?

Craft Cannabis: The Premium Experience

Much like craft beer and coffee, craft cannabis growing is all about the quality and the philosophy behind the product. Smaller scale craft growers’ focus on using the best possible organic nutrients and soil mixes to grow their cannabis, without pesticides. All plants are grown in limited numbers so that growers can afford the utmost care to each one.

The trend of craft cannabis production begun in the Emerald Triangle of California, one of the pioneering states of legal marijuana. However, it wasn’t long before it spread to the BC area, Canada’s very own “California.” The Craft Cannabis Association of BC is a testament to the character of BC craft growing community: Local, authentic and sustainable.

Cannabis grows based on simple things, like good quality soil, abundant light and just the right amount of nutrients. After that, it’s a matter of care and proper environment control that dictate the final yield and taste profile of each plant. Proper and patient curing, careful storage and suitable handling methods are used to preserve every dimension of the flavour and bouquet of the harvested flowers.

Raw Resin from Craft Cannabis

Raw resin (not to be confused with “live resin”) is the most suitable type of cannabis concentrate to capture the unparalleled freshness of craft marijuana plants and bring it to the consumer. There are many methods with which cannabis flowers are turned into concentrates, however most of them have a harmful effect on the terpene profile of the plant (the compounds that dictate odour and taste).

Cannabinoids and terpenes are all part of the plant’s immune system, found in greater volumes in the trichomes of the flower. That’s what gives cannabis its unique taste and effects. Mass produced cannabis will go through a violent extraction process, that will significantly reduce flavours and aromas.

Terpenes are extremely sensitive to heat, and in many cases, they are destroyed in the process. On the contrary, raw resin made by craft cannabis is made with an extraction process that enables the majority of the terpenes to remain intact, transferring the full flavour profile to the consumer.

Why Choose Raw Resin From Craft Cannabis Growers

Like aged wine or a prized bottle of whiskey, craft cannabis buds and raw resin are premium products that few people crave, but everyone can appreciate. Careful breeding, growing and extraction methods guarantee clean flavours from lovingly grown, hand-reared plants.

Feel free to pair the experience with a nice cup of coffee or wine and tell us all about it!

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