Which Marijuana Concentrate is Easiest to Use for Inexperienced Users

Cannabis concentrates are the next big thing in the cannabis community. Over the last few years, they have rapidly risen in popularity for many good reasons. For starters, they offer a much higher quality experience that retains most of the original plant’s taste and potency. Also, since the active compounds of cannabis are extracted from the flower, they offer a much more efficient experience. Not to mention, they come in all kinds of forms: Oils, hash, ejuices.

Just as the cannabis industry evolves, so are our ways of enjoying the full flavor of our favorite plant. So, with spliffs and joints seeming already like a thing of the past, which marijuana concentrate is the best introduction to the cannabis world for a newbie? And most importantly, which is the best way in which inexperienced users can enjoy concentrates?

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There are two methods to get the concentrate from marijuana: With the use of solvent or via solventless extraction. Solvent extraction means that the cannabinoid-rich trichomes are extracted with the use of chemical solvent agents, such as alcohol, propane or butane. These substances are used to isolate the resinous glands on the top of the cannabis flower (trichomes).

The goal of solventless methods is practically the same, but no chemicals are used. Instead, in non-solvent extractions, heat, water, and pressure are the primary ways of producing the concentrate.

Although the use of chemical agents might bring negative connotations to mind, scientific reports have proved that they pose no health threats. Some users have even reported that solvent-based extracts are more potent, as they preserve the full flavor profile of the marijuana flower. There are die-hard fans on each side, but you won’t know unless you try!

Popular Solvent-Based Marijuana Concentrates

  • Wax
  • Live Resin
  • RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)
  • Shatters

Popular Solvent-Less Marijuana Concentrates

  • Hash
  • Raw Resin
  • Kief
  • Bubble Hash
  • Rosin

Cannabis Concentrates For Beginners

What makes a cannabis concentrate easy or hard for a beginner?

Well, the obvious answer is the way of consumption. There is a myriad of different choices when it comes to ingesting extracts, each with its own set of particularities.


If you are looking for easy, you can’t go wrong by using a pipe to smoke hash or kief. Granted, smoking is unhealthy and takes out a lot of the flavor, but it’s the least complicated method. We do not recommend it though.


Vaping offers a perfect middle ground between a great flavor profile and versatility. You can use pretty much any kind of extract, provided that it is compatible with your model. Check the specs carefully, as there are specialized devices for waxes, oils, hash or dry herb.


Dabbing is the most expensive and complicated way of consuming concentrates. It is also, one of the most efficient! Not really recommended for beginners.

The Verdict

Technically, every type of marijuana extract is “easy to use.” But, when it comes to versatility, then hash is the most solid choice. It can be consumed in any way imaginable, offering a great experience along the way. Also, a mid-range vape pen is always an excellent choice for the beginner user, as it opens up the way for other extracts as well.



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