What to Expect From Your First Live Resin Concentrate Experience?

Although few cannabis enthusiasts would say no to a joint, it has been scientifically proven that smoking cannabis is one of the least effective consumption methods. Whether you mix it with tobacco or not, cannabis will lose most of its potency when combusted. Not to mention the harm that smoke can cause in your lungs.

Luckily, there are newer and safer methods of consuming cannabis, like concentrates. These usually come in the form of waxes, shatter or dabbing oils and are administered using vaporization instead of combustion. The newest addition to the ever-growing family of cannabis concentrates is live resin, a new extract made for those who want to experience the full flavour of the cannabis flower.

What Is Live Resin Concentrate

Most extracts are made through lengthy processes that deplete as much as 50% of a plant’s terpene and cannabinoid content. Flavour is severely diminished and so is potency. And this is precisely where live resin is different: Contrary to other concentrates, live resin is extracted from fresh (live) cannabis plants. That includes plants that haven’t been dried, cured or otherwise handled. Just pure, sticky resin!

Skipping the process of decarboxylation, that is usually necessary to turn THCA into THC, captures the entire flavour profile of the plant. Therefore, the user gets a better tasting, better smelling and potent product that offers a unique experience along the usual marijuana “high.”

How is Live Resin Made 

The fact that live resin is made out of fresh plants doesn’t mean that is easy to make at home. The process begins right after the plants are cut: Immediately after, the biomass is cryogenically frozen to prevent the loss of terpenes. This is a tricky process in itself, as the trichomes on the flower of the plant can become quite fragile.

The actual extraction process has to be performed in an environment with extremely low temperatures (-20 to -60ºF). Cooled liquid butane runs through the plant matter, extracting all the cannabinoids and trichomes. Then, the solvent passes through a special dewax chamber to remove unnecessary compounds. Finally, the butane is boiled, and we end up with the live resin concentrate. All terpenes and cannabinoids are perfectly preserved and ready for consumption!

Trying Live Resin for the First Time

It is important to note that when you get live resin, you are not getting a more potent product. You are, however, getting a much more savoury product, that holds all the freshness of a quality marijuana plant. The terpenes and cannabinoids are equally important in the overall experience of consuming cannabis, as one complements the other, offering a stronger and more tasteful experience. This synergy is called the “entourage effect.”

Cannabis concentrates are highly potent and inherit all the traits of the original plant. It is therefore essential that you get your live resin from a high-quality strain. Ultimately, it is organic, purely grown cannabis that will make the best live resin, so bear that in mind when shopping around for the best live resin concentrate.


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