Sour Diesel Raw Resin

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A legendary strain known for it’s pungent aroma and rejuvenating effects, our Sour Diesel is our first choice for powerful relief of stress and pain. Reach for this to add a touch of whimsy to your day, as its been known to leave patients in a dream-like state.







Black, Congo, Death Bubba, Frodo, Godberry, Gorilla Glue, Hindu, K1, Liberty Haze, Sour Diesel, Sweet Skunk

2 reviews for Sour Diesel Raw Resin

  1. edmontoniandude (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Great taste.

  2. Trevor Conder (verified owner)

    This is on of my favorite hystar products if you like sour diesel then this is for you the taste is amazing and the quality is awesome

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