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Sour Diesel Raw Resin

$40.00 $26.00 /1g

Sour Amnesia Raw Resin

$40.00 $26.00 /1g

OG x Rockstar Raw Resin

$40.00 $26.00 /1g

SFV OG Raw Resin

$40.00 $26.00 /1g

Full bodied flavour,
true to the flower.

Hystar preserves the aromatic experience of the living flower in an extract made from raw organic bud material. Nothing is lost because it is never frozen. Our artisanal approach yields a balanced ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids similar to what is found in the plant naturally. You will experience a sensation that transcends flower and an aroma of floral pungence you can truly taste.

The Hystar Difference

What sets Hystar Raw Resin apart from other extracts.

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